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Customer Reviews

Hiba Hashim

"Tasty and very nice "

Lauren Kyprianou

"Good food and service"

Tiffany Pomagalski

"Really really lovely food. My favourite fast food always my first choice. I appreciate the 15% off with online orders. The app is easy and clear to use. "

Emma Lang

"Brilliant..... food is amazing "

Veronica Kozera

"Fantastic food and very fast delivery "

Scott Shearing

"Food was good. Wayyy to much piri salt. Ruined the chips"

Paul Salih

"My chicken wings were not cooked probably "

Constance Lampka

"thumbs up"


"The food was really nice although the driver got lost; he did call and had the situation under control.He was very apologetic which was very appreciated.Would definitely order again. "


"Awful!!! Delivery was 1hour30 mins later than orignally said it would be and the food was horrible. Chips were soggy and my wrap had mayonaise in it when I requested it without!! "


"Tasty "